Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Starting to bike for life

I don't know if you have recently visited our family blog about our life in Japan, but we, as a family, spend a lot of time imagining and planning for our return to Canada. We have been doing a lot of thinking about our fitness, health AND (as we read the Canadian newspapers online) about the increasing obesity problem in Canada. Anyhow, long story short, we are planning to go car-free when we return to Canada.
Impossible, you say? Not at all. Click here to read more on that topic.
So, we have started the transition here in Japan. We still have a car, and are saddled with those payments for awhile, but we are trying to use it less and less. This has consequences...and they are all positive. (at least for my health...not neccesarily for my convenience!) It also means that, as I continue to become more active, I will have to become more "clear" about my exercise. When school starts, Sept 1st, the exercise that I log in here, will have to be an actual workout. Either a strength workout or aerobic (in which my Heart Rate is being monitored). I am not sure where Karate fits into this. I guess I will have to discuss that with my "personal trainer" ;-)

Exercise (3/6): Cycling (errands)
Time: about 1 hour


Laurel-Anne said...

I checked the link you posted and noticed there was a testomonial from Kamloops, BC. It must be a sign!

Vertigo said...

That's what WE thought! ;-)