Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving #2!

Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2006
Exercise (3/6): Walking
Time: 1 hour

Okay, so I take it back...but I didn't understand how much walking we would be doing! Plus the "fitness trainer" said it definitely counted! ;-)
We had a great time in Nagoya and needed the walking cuz we ate WAY too much. We were planning to go the Hard Rock Cafe but it was closed that evening. :-P So, we walked to Sakae (the shopping district of Nagoya) and went to the restaurant we ate at last year on this holiday...The Outback Steakhouse and Grill. Now, this may not seem like a big deal to general western readers...but it has been a year since we have eaten like this! We shared an appy and and an entree and were still WAY too full. (I will take that as a good sign!) Lots of ribs...
Then we walked to the Apple store (for Macs....not fruit) and looked around. Cool shop! Then we had to take and hour and a half to walk, ride the subway, ride the train, walk to the car, and drive back to Ogaki. Back in our own town, we went to the late show...yea,...we were milkin' the babysitting for all it was worth! ;-)
Happy Americans and Japanese...
Nagoya is all decorated for Christmas. It was very pretty at night, all lit up.
(Gasp!) A picture! On MY blog!


Rachel Z said...

What a great picture! You both look so great. It's been a long time since I've seen your lovely faces. Made me smile. Thanks.

What movie did you see?

Vertigo said...

Nacho Libre.
Very funny if you liked Napoleon Dynamite and stuff with Jack Black. Mixon is going to pee himself with laughter when we can rent it!
I would venture to say it is a renter(not worthy of big-screen ticket fees) but it was the only English movie playing at a time we could go...and we wanted to go to a 'n all.

Mom said...

How good to SEE you. It's a wonderful picture. Can we download it and get a hard copy made or would you have to email it? I'd also like an updated pic of Mixon & Selah.
Glad you had such an enjoyable date. Do they let you take home "doggie bages" in Japan with your leftovers???

Vertigo said...

No, no doggie bags in Japan. We didn't have any leftovers anyway. Since we shared, we were able to eat everything!
(We will email the pics...)

Vertigo said...

Apparently you can just click on these and download need to email!