Friday, November 10, 2006

Biking with the kids

Exercise 5/6: Biking
Time: 2, 30min rides

Colin is at a "work event" tonight, so the kids and I managed to squeeze in a ride to the video store before dark....then we ate supper at McDonald's. :-o (hey, I had a salad...and some fries....and a chestnut-custard pie.) Well, good thing we had to ride home again to! ;-)

Now we are waiting on a student of mine to arrive. She comes every week to hang out and watch English movies! :-) (Yea, the same girl we visited her family with this past summer). Tonight she is bringing her sister and we are watching Cheaper by the Dozen 2. I was remembering that we went to the first movie with my parents in Calgary. I wanted to see it with my Dad because he read the book to us as children because it was one of his favorite books growing up! So, here's to you, Dad! I will think of you half-way round the world as we watch Steve Martin mutilate the original story. ;-)

Oh, and check this out! I was blown away by reading my sister-in-law's new blog and finding MY blog mentioned! Who knew l'le ol' me could inspire someone else with my daily battle. Cool! That inspires ME! Thanks, L-A!

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