Saturday, November 11, 2006

Remembrance Day

This is totally unrelated to my blog-topic, but as I am half a world away and cannot take part in a moment of silence with my country-men, I thought I would express my appreciation here.

Whether you are a pacifist or not, in agreement with Afghanistan or not, etc, I am sure we can all take a moment to remember, reflect and apprectiate the sacrifices of our Canadian soldiers, living and dead, who defend/have defended our country and its people as well as attempt to extend peace to our struggling world.

Please click here to read "In Flanders Fields".

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Mom said...

Hi Kelly, It was nice to see Flanders Fields on your family website.
We watched the ceremony from Ottawa on TV and it was very moving, more so than ever before I think. Everyone was out in the rain most without umbrellas and somehow that made it more poignant.
On coach's corner last night on the hockey game Don Cherry gave his whole segment to a tribute to the troops in Afghanistan (he's just been there to visit them) and then they played the Maple Leaf Forever and showed a pic of each soldier thats been killed in the war. Very moving.