Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blessings Anyone?

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2006
Exercise 3/6: Lower Body Work Out
Time: 25 min

Opened the last of my new Billy Blank's DVD's today. Wooowee. That hurt. (But it is a good hurt, if you know what I mean. ;-)
I have noticed that the BB work outs have been helping my overall endurance and strength in Karate. (yeah)

Speaking of which:
Thursday, Nov 9th, 2006

Exercise 4/6: Karate
Time: 1:15

One of the rules of the Dojo in "no socks/shoes", so we enter with bare feet all the time. Tonight was the first night that the gym floor started to feel cool to the touch. By the end of December, it will be painful. Colin's parents will be visiting about that time. They should get a good kick out of seeing us dance around trying to keep our feet off the floor as much as possible! (If they can stand the cold sitting through a work-out! ;-)

As for the title...
We are right in between Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving. Also, the Japanese holiday of "Labor and Thanksgiving Day" in on the 23rd as well. (We are crashing a full-on Turkey Dinner with some American ALT's that day!! My mouth is watering already) Anyway, the other night I was laying in bed thinking about all the things I am thankful for. So here are some of the things I came up with:

I am thankful for

Hot cups of tea to wrap my hands around
Hot coffee in the morning
Hot baths to soak in (see a pattern here?)
Covers to bury under
Children to snuggle with
A Hubby to keep me warm (he may differ with me on that...since he is the warm one ;-)

Friends to share joys and sorrows with
Family near and far that I love and love me
Canadian Soldiers willing to fight/die for me (us) (btw, wear a poppy!)
A God who knows me (us)

What about you?
What are YOU thankful for?
Please share your comments.

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Mom said...

I am thankful for...
-GOD, His Power, His Strength & most of all His Love.
-good health
-a loving husband who is also my best friend.
-YOU :-)
-that you also have a loving husband (Colin) and father of your children
-4 wonderful hugable grandchildren- (MIXON, SELAH, MEADOW, ERYAN)
-great friends to laugh and cry with
-all the warm things you mentioned (minus the coffee add the fireplace!)
-our car:-)
-our church family
-our country - CANADA
-and like you, our brave young soldiers
-the memory of loved ones no longer with us
-the Bible
-and so on and so on and so on!!
Thank you Kelly for helping me to pause and reflect.