Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Settling into routine...

Exercise 3/6: Mission 1: Tae-Bo
Time: 40 min

It is getting easier every day...though I am not sure that is a good thing ;-). I will have to add weight and tighten those bands!
The town clock started chiming an hour earlier on Monday. "What is this?" you say, "Daylight Savings Time isn't until the end of the month."
Ah, yes. But in Japan, they don't have DST. Each town or neighbourhood has a chime at 6pm. This is the signal for all children to return home. (Actually, most children arrive home at that time...they LEAVE wherever they are 5 minutes before that. The Japanese have an expression that being 5 minutes early is actually being on time...Man! have WE had to adjust!!!!)
Well, now the daylight is getting shorter, so on the first school-day of October, the chime is rolled back to 5pm. Thus, our after-school routine has to change because there is less time available to play...AND THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT! ;-)
Anyhow, I am figuring all that out now...when to work-out, when the kids do their homework, when to make supper etc. I think we've just about got it.


Laurel-Anne said...

So, would you say you are seeing results after 7 days, just as Billy promises?

Rachel Z said...

very interesting about the town clock. I think I remember you telling us about that last year.

LA - did you get the dvds yet?

Laurel-Anne said...

rz - nope.

kelly - is that chime a curfew (all children must return home now) for children or a reminder (it's 5 o'clock now)?

Vertigo said...

The chime is and isn't a curfew.
The Japanese would say, "It is a reminder that all children should (but they mean "must") return home at this time."
It isn't a curfew in the sense that you see children after that time at the store with their family or out for dinner, etc.
But EVERYONE who is elementary-aged returns to their families at the sound of the chime. If you didn't it would be extremely rude. The evening is family-time and usually pretty routine. (And during school, you don't mess with their routine!)

Laurel-Anne said...

That's kind of what I had figured, based on your great culture lessons - not a curfew but treated as one.

Rachel Z said...

I wonder if we could get a town chime for P-Rupe.

Kelly, we're watching Survivor, thinking of you! :)

MamaZ said...

My town of Qualicum Beach has a town chime. I can hear it if my windows are open. It chimes every hour (not at night). At Christmas time it chimes a carol every hour. We even have a town crier that comes out for special occasions. You are welcome to visit when you return to Canada. Lots of things for families to do in our area.

Mom C. said...

Now that sounds like my kind of town. I can't think of anything nicer than to hear chimes pealing Christmas carols out over the community.

Vertigo said...

Thanks for the invite MamaZ. We may just take you up on that someday. It sounds like a wonderful place. :)

What I think is cool is that my Mom is "chatting" with my sister-in-law's mother-in-law on my blog's comment page! I love blogs!

RZ-I hear Survivor has a good twist to it this year...racially divided teams or something like that? Should have an interesting outcome! I haven't been able to watch it for a couple of years now :'(
...but we are currently renting season 5 of "24"! (It is kinds of odd to see it advertised with Kanji...)