Sunday, October 01, 2006


Exercise 1/6: Karate
Time: 1:30

I really enjoyed tonight. I especially like sparring with Colin. (and NO, not because he is my husband;) . He is the only one in the class, besides Sensei, who I can really go after with no fear of hurting them. My kids don't really try very hard. :-( and after a year of Karate, I think it is because they just don't like it. I am preferring to think this way because I don't want to think they are lazy...
...well, their problem might be solved because it is fee time once again and we are not sure if we can afford it. (we need to be able to return to Canada in 10 months...). We shall see how it turns out.
When we DO get back to Canada, I am really interested in continuing my Karate training. I have previously posted on this blog why I like it so much. Number 1 because it is something we do as a family. However, I don't want to cram it down the kids' throats if it is genuinely not something they enjoy. I know Selah would love gymnastics and Mixon would love basketball. But that could mean different nights out and a lot of money. So, there is the conundrum. How do we keep everyone in the family active and healthy AND enjoying it, but not give up family time and a balanced lifestyle in regards to time management. Is it possible? I invite your comments.


Laurel-Anne said...

Are there basketball programs for elementary aged kids? The gymnastics club here tries to sell gymnastics as a foundation for every other sport. We've looked into gymnastics, martial arts and swimming as activities for our family but haven't come to any conclusions yet. The only one we can all enjoy at the same time is swimming, given the wide age range. Wish I could be more helpful

Vertigo said...

No worries! :-)
If the glove fits, wear it...and every family has a different sized hand. ;-)
Sometimes it helps just to hear where others are at.

I remember Calgary having a community basketball league for kids cuz my brother played...but we are not gonna be in Calgary...
I guess we will have to wait and see.