Sunday, October 01, 2006

Now, where were we?

Friday, Sept. 29th
Exercise 5/6: Tae-Bo: Mission Two
Time: 45 min

Great work-out! My arms and shoulders are killing me! The Bands work great. Because they are adjustable, I think Colin would even love this work-out. I will see if I can convince him...;-)

Saturday....had ALT's over. I got great exercise cleaning the house ahead of time, but I think I set a precedent already that excludes this from counting as exercise...

Sunday AM...(I still have 3 hours until my deadline of Sat. midnight in BC, Canada...
Exercise 6/6: Billy Blanks 8-Minutes SuperCharged Cardio
Time: 8 minutes (ha ha)

I actually worked up a pretty good sweat! Great work-out when you don't have much time.

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