Friday, September 08, 2006

Too many flats

But they weren't mine! I didn't go riding Thursday morning for 2 reasons...1) it was pouring and 2) I have Karate in the evening. But, Colin called from some town on his way home from school, after his 2nd flat. (Thank-goodness for cell phones!) All his patches were used up (because he has had a flat almost everyday this week!). Then he tried a different tube and it allowed him to "limp" home by 6:30. So, I didn't have to take the car and try to find him. Needless to say, we missed Karate and he was just a little discouraged about riding to work. On Sunday, he will take some time to go buy quality tires.
So, yesterday ended up being my day off of exercising.
I chickened out of riding this morning cuz it was pouring.
I will have to do a workout after school. Maybe I will risk bugging my neighbours, put on some Aerosmith and do my own version of a Karate/Tae-bo work out in my living room.
More later...

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