Monday, April 09, 2007

Thanks for the Memories...(gag)

Well, this post is LONG overdue!!! So sorry.

Finding Mini-Me has been a great tool for me in keeping me accountable. Thanks to all who supported me and kept trying for those iTunes!

Why am I moving on if this was such a great tool? Because my family and I have gone car-free. This means I have to get my own hynie where I want to go! It should build exercise into my life not something extra I have to constantly schedule in.
I have to walk or bike to get groceries, go to the mall, get a haircut, eat out, get to work, doc's appts etc etc.
We will also be blogging about our not so little experiment, so please continue to check up on me! There aren't any iTunes this round, but there may be some great laughs at our expense! You can follow this story of ours for the next year or so on Cultural Vertigo.


Rachel Z said...

so will this blog be ending?

Vertigo said...

This blog will be ending...has ended.
The idea being that having no car should naturally place exercise in our lives. I also want to put my energies into blogging about it...(which I have only done once so far and I am not sure anyone knew it was me...) ;) Anyhow, that is the idea.
So, onward! (at Cultural Vertigo) :)